Go beyond likes.
Go beyond shares.

Create your own Branded Social Engagement Network and turn your customers into Brand Advocates

Social Engagement Network

“Following” and “liking” aren’t enough anymore, social campaigns need to deliver real engagement. Using the ssnapp platform, brands can build their own social network, control all of the content, and reward fans for their engagement.

The ssnapp platform enables you to create your own Branded Social Engagement Network, so you and your fans control how, when, and to what extent you each engage with each other.

The Benefits of a Branded Social Engagement Network

access to gamepaign

Access to ssnapp’s Gamepaign Builder

access to gamepaign

Users can sign in using their preferred social channel credentials

access to gamepaign

Design, build and deploy immersive gamification experiences

access to gamepaign

Our Predictive Analytics Engine enables campaign optimization

access to gamepaign

Aggregate all your social feeds in one place

access to gamepaign

Plan Offline campaigns using our Image Recognition Tool

What is ssnapp?

ssnapp is a social engagement platform that gives brands the tools to engage and activate your customers in either the online, or offline world. ssnapp connects with your customers in ways that go beyond likes and shares, and converts them from followers into powerful brand advocates.

ssnapp is a multi-functional social marketing tool that pattern matches brands with their most loyal fans to drive engagement, extend reach and significantly increase campaign ROI.

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How ssnapp Works

The ssnapp Platform works by putting gamification at the the core of all campaign engagements. Gamified campaigns, or gamepaigns as we call them, are proven to drive audience engagement and activation. It’s why our gamepaign builder comes with a variety of Gamepaign Modules, as well as a set of Dynamic Intelligent Tools to ensure every fan engagement is fresh and different.

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Clients and Partners

These are some of the business that trust ssnapp

  • hp logo
    "ssnapp is very unique in that it enables organizations the ability to drive powerful, viral social engagement and actual conversion. It’s rare to see a solution that has done this in such a seamless, integrated yet open and intuitive manner."
    Michael Crooks, Global Solutions Leader, Interactive Media and Digital Analytics, HP - www8.hp.com
  • 76ers logo
    "We are fortunate to have very loyal fans, and ssnapp is a great fit with our social marketing strategy to enhance how we engage with everyone."
    Lara Price, Senior Vice President of Business Operations 76ers - www.nba.com/sixers
  • longport media logo
    "ssnapp far exceeded our expectations, we increased our Facebook audience by over 60% and had over 1,000 participants opt-in to the promotion."
    Joe Croce, Vice President Sales Longport Media - www.longportmedia.com
  • pepsi logo
    "ssnapp brings social media to a new level. You are not only contacting consumers with a promotion but you are able to reward and involve them in the entire process."
    Fred Tull, Director of Sales Pepsi Bottling Ventures - www.pepsibottlingventures.com
  • Office Max logo
    "We partnered with Social Media Gateways because their ssnapp solution represents the best complete engagement solution and represents the future of social marketing.”
    Forbes magazine reported that "Elf Yourself is the greatest holiday digital execution of all time.”
    Rock Fraire, Producer of OfficeMax's Elf Yourself.
  • Dakota Magic logo Trusted Choice logo philadelphia flyers logo Herschel Famous 34 Logo
    And many others...

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